Who you need to know for 2016!

Between polling, marketing, fundraising, schmoozing, and political positioning, there is a herculean amount of news to follow regarding the dozen or so known potential presidential candidates for 2016. Even two years out from the sure-to-be-compelling pageantry of the 2016 presidential elections, every move by promising presidential candidates has been scrutinized and framed (fairly or not) as a means to the White House.

1. Paul Ryan (Republican)

By virtue of not doing anything particularly abrasive or campaign-ish other than executing his job as GOP budget master, Paul Ryan has managed to remain fairly popular among his base.


2. Chris Christie (Republican)

Chris Christie’s 2016 chances are credited not to the GOP base (they have mutually antagonized each other in 2013) but fueled by rising support among Democrats and Independents.


3. Ted Cruz (Republican)

Ted Cruz is a freshman senator from Texas elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010. Along with Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee (R-Utah), he represents a new wave of Republican politics.


4. Marco Rubio (Republican)

He is probably the most familiar household name on this list now (well, Ryan was the VP on the Romney ticket, but that was a whole nine months ago now). He has received steady support in the polls, placing him right in the thick of the pack.


5. Rand Paul (Republican)

#StandwithRand. In a nutshell, this freshman Senator has positioned himself to be a solid contender for the Republican nomination.


6. Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a commanding 6 to 1 lead over other Democrats heading into the 2016 presidential campaign.  Clinton, who would become the first female president if elected, shows enormous strength among women in the new poll. She leads Christie among female voters by 59 percent to 34 percent — more than double the 11-point margin Obama held over Romney.



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