About Polly!


Greetings from Polly!

My name is Polly Partisan and I am a politico fashionista.  But Get This: I’ve been a Democrat and a Republican and everything in between.  My hope is this site will inspire you and make politics a fun part of your life! Fashion too!

I grew up in Minnesota, where I never quite fit in. I attended school at the University of Minnesota, I double majored in Business, Political Science and minored in Theater. After college, I relocated to Hawaii and lived the sweet life. After Hawaii, I moved back to Minnesota, met my husband, got married, moved to California, recieved my Masters in Marketing & PR from UCLA (GO BRUINS), had two (AMAZING) kids and here I am. (PHHHHEEEEWWWW)

My #1 hobby is dancing, golfing, traveling, riding (as in Horses), skiing, public service work and eating chicken wings! Ohhhh yeah, I love fashion (obsessed)!

My favorite qoute: Don’t be like the rest of them, Darling!

Weird Facts: I’m most comfortable in a swimsuit and I prefer driving barefoot! Lastly, I wrote Oprah Winfrey a letter everyday for a year until she wrote me back. TRUE STORY.


12 thoughts on “About Polly!”

  1. You amaze me!

  2. I think that my obsession with Polly just began. I love your work! I hope that i can see Polly in person real soon!

  3. What a cool site…such great coverage of politics and celebrities! Way to go, Polly~

  4. Jackie Ries said:

    You are much cooler than JWB and more informed.

  5. Will I ever get to see Polly in person again? SoCal misses you, but LOVES your website!!

  6. The Non-Voter said:

    I enjoyed your site and visit again

  7. i love you! you make politics so easy!

  8. Terrific website! Keep up the good work!

  9. We love PP!!!

  10. We did it! Polly is back!!! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the upcoming elections. You are inspiring!

  11. So cool.

  12. Kelly Mayer said:

    Thanks for the video on the Middle East. You are smart and beautiful.

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