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Midterm elections have been brutal for congressional Democrats in the Obama era. The party lost at least 77 seats in the midterms in 2010 and 2014, though they gained back eight seats in 2012.

Obama has already surpassed President Dwight Eisenhower’s tally of 66 midterm losses in the House, according to data published by the Rothenberg Political Report. President Franklin Roosevelt and Truman each lost more House seats during their midterm years.

The 2010 midterms account for the bulk of the losses. In the tumultuous period after the passage of ObamaCare, Republicans picked up 63 seats in a wave election that awarded them control of the House.



Polly thinks it is critically important for the president to recognize the political terrain has changed dramatically.  If Republicans have control of the House and the Senate, it’s a whole new ballgame. He’s going to need to make serious adjustments in the ways he deals with the opposition. Time to take a different tack, Potus.