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If you do your civic duty and vote in the Midterm elections, you’ve earned the right to celebrate the time-honored electoral process with some patriotic partying. And, since it’s no use fretting about who will win and what will happen, the best thing to do is figure out what you’ll wear to those parties.

For all of you political zealots (or really anyone who gives a eff about America-the-Beautiful), the big day is coming- Election Day!!

No matter who you’re voting for, the important thing is to VOTE! I know some of you are thinking “meh-electorial college is a scam”, “meh- my state always swings (enter political party here)”.  But THINK about all the people across the world that don’t have the opportunity to vote. Think of those before us who fought hard for us to have the freedom to choose who leads our country (queue the patriotic music). Think about what happens if you DON’T vote, and the election doesn’t swing in your favor. Ya, I believe in conspiracy theories too (friendly nod to my jam Homeland), BUT let us not get dragged down by the “what if’s” of the electoral process.

Do your part and VOTE!!!

So with that said- I know the big question is, where am I partying to ring in the election? Ya that was totally on my short list today too. Hey, there’s nothing sexier than a girl with an opinion (and all her facts straight).

First up, the Local Bar Watch Party. You know where everyone slams back their favorite adult beverage, get a little loose lipped and ends up chanting their favorite candidates name over another throbbing Rhianna anthem.

What to wear to this watch party? Dress casual but partisan in statement jeans, loose fitting tops and sweaters, and a colorful nod to who you voted for.


Going somewhere a little more highbrow? You know that, estate dinner, some last minute fundraiser with your parents, or maybe you’re dating a Senator’s son. Hey, I’d love me a Kennedy if they weren’t all cursed.

What to wear? Rep your colors in a chic dress that keeps your figure the center of attention. Layer a silk tank over a shift dress, or throw a fur or leather vest over your favorite work ensemble to bring it some night time edge.