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We are not getting a new President this year, don’t care. But you still need to vote! Midterm elections are when we choose governors, congressmen, and senators. Governors are like the CEOs of states. And congressmen and senators literally lay down the law — they decide which bills pass and which don’t. So yes, it’s kinda important. Vote.

This year is all about the Senate. The Donkeys (Dems) have controlled the Senate since ‘06, and the Elephants (GOP) are ready to cut in. If that happens, the Elephants would control both houses of Congress. Aka–it could push through its agenda, which Obama and the Dems have mostly blocked nationally for the last six years. Revenge is sweet.

What are the issues on the voters mind?

Economy…as in the numbers have gone from worse to less-worse, but the economy still isn’t great. And it’s the issue where neither party is safe.

Immigration…as in it’s always an issue where there could be a better fix. But after a flood of unaccompanied immigrant children crossed the US border this year, it came to a boiling point. President Obama took a cool down lap and tabled the issue for now. But it’s still a big talking point — especially for Hispanic voters.

Social Issues…as in women and gay marriage. Women’s issues (think: equal pay, birth control) might be the X (chromosome) factor Dems need to hold onto the Senate.

Foreign Policy…as in President Obama recently looked up ‘obvious’ in the dictionary and admitted that the US “underestimated” ISIS. Now, the GOP’s leading the ‘told you so’ chorus, and tying his policies to their Democratic opponents.

President Obama…as in HealthCare.gov’s IT department is more popular than him right now. And the GOP is doing it’s best to make that bad image rub off on every Dem across the country.